House of Time (HoT)     


Starting date: Nov 6 (Sunday), weekly, 11 AM - 1 PM (EDT)
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Schedule and readings: 

Nov 6 (11 AM - 1 PM):


Moriah Evans:              Bastards, (2019).

Cristina Caprioli:          Omkretz, (2014):

in-(site)sight (2005)/website

Read:                           Twisting into the Middle 1 & Prelude (6p)

                                    By Manning, Munster, Stavning Thomsen

     The World as Medium: A Whiteheadian Media Philosophy (31p with notes).

                                    By Andrew Murphy.

From:                         IMMEDIATION 1 (2019).
   Edited by  Erin Manning, A

Nov 13 (10-12am)


Moriah Evans:             Social Dance 9-12: Encounter, (2015; 59min).

Kyle Abraham:             Show Pony, (2019; 5min).


M. Merleau-Ponty         Spatiality of One’s own Body and Motility,(59p)

Chapter 3 from Phenomenology of Perception (1945; 1958 transl.)

Nov 20:                        11am-1pm


Trisha Brown               Glacial Decoy, (1975; 15min)

                                    Newark (1987; 30 min)

Marquese Scott:1          Set Fire/ Dub Step 3-5min


Maurice Merleau-Ponty:            The Synthesis of One’s Own Body, (7p)
Chapter 4 from Phenomenology of Perception (1945; 1958 transl.)

Elizabeth Grosz                         Chaos, Cosmos, Territory, Architecture (14p)

                                                Chapter 1 from Chaos, Territory, Art (2008)

Patricia Clough                         Herbert Blumer: A Methodology for Writing Observations (17p)

                                                Chapter 2 from End(s) of Ethnography;from Realism to Social Criticism (1982)