House of Time (HoT)     

House of Time gathers theorists, researchers, artists, and writers who share an interest in the topic of temporality. The association will organize essay-series, seminars, conferences, and reading groups, each time approaching temporality from a different angle. We anticipate that themes will primarily engage the critical relation of time to digital technicity, environmentality, historicity, and embodiment/ subjectivity. In organizing these meetings, we want to mark the specificities of our time and create connections across contexts and disciplines geared towards new possibilities in the study of time.

Each founding member has independent studies of time in the form of entire dissertations or articles; curriculum design; performances; and artistic, archival, and pedagogical work in a wide range of media. We aim to present some of these in workshops, talks, and seminars as well as invite others for discussion and development.

To these ends, and reflexive of its own temporality, HoT will thread together the multiple genres and rhythms of independent works, digital environments, reading sessions, and conference organization. We are excited to develop creative sensibilities towards moments, periods, continuity and discontinuity, movement and speed, in both their accessible/observable and inaccessible/speculative modes.